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TrustPower Ltd




Since starting business in 1925, TrustPower has grown to be New Zealand's fifth largest electricity retailer/generator.

In New Zealand, TrustPower owns 36 small to medium size Hydro Generating Stations and a large Wind Farm. They produce electricity exclusively from renewable sources and our power stations produce enough electricity for around 220,000 Kiwi households!

With assets of over $2 Billion, TrustPower is majority New Zealand owned and is listed on the New Zealand stock exchange.

Customer Benefits/Incentives

- TrustPower customers who pay their bill on time receive a generous 15%* Prompt Payment Discount. If you pay all of your bills in full on time in the next year, your discount will add up to almost 8 weeks of FREE POWER! *Payments by credit card attract a 13.5% Prompt Payment Discount.

- Customers with a good payment history with TrustPower, automatically become a TrustPower FRIEND. As a FRIEND you pay less than the standard TrustPower price, and are entered into the monthly draw for $1,000 FREE power!

- Friends Extra - You could get an extra power discount!

- TrustPower Friends whose properties use more than 3,000 units of electricity per year can join Friends Extra, which gives you an extra discount off your power bill.

- Choose the way YOU want to be served. For your convenience, TrustPower have several ways in which we can answer your query. Just remember to have your Energy Number handy:

- It's nice to know who is on your property - TrustPower's Meter Readers will arrive in TrustPower vehicles and will be wearing an easy to recognise TrustPower uniform.

- Getting the basics right - Their customers have said, the main thing they want is for them to get the basics right. That means answering the phone promptly, solving their problems without a fuss, accurate on time bills, and a reliable power supply. So that's what TrustPower concentrate on, and promise to do their best to deliver those things to you.


What payment methods to TrustPower offer?

TrustPower offer a number of ways to pay your bill:- Online/Telephone banking, Direct Debit from your bank account or credit card, (Payments by Direct Debit from credit cards attract a 13.5% Prompt Payment Discount) Automatic Payment, NZ Post or cheque. (Payments at NZPost will incur a fee of $1.20 (exc GST) )

Will I get a discount for paying on time?

Yes. You will receive a prompt payment discount of 15% by paying your bill on or before the due date. Invoices paid by credit card will receive a discount of 13.5%.

Will TrustPower read my meter each month?

TrustPower aim to read your meter every second month in most urban and rural areas, and every three to six months in remote areas. In the months that they don't read your meter they will generate an estimate based on the amount of power used during the same period the previous year.If you would prefer, you can read your own meter, send them the exact figures and then always receive a bill based on actual readings. If you have received an estimated bill, simply advise TrustPower your reading within five days of receiving your bill, and they will re-issue the bill.

Can I view my TrustPower account online?

Yes, with TrustPower there are a number of things you can do online, such as: View your account balance check previous consumption and transaction history, online billing and payments, receive special offers and organise power for a new home.

What happens with my power when I go on holiday?

Trustpower understands that customers can be away from home for extended periods of time. If you plan to go away, TrustPower can hold your account for up to 60days. Your power will remain connected, but your bill will be produced upon your return.

Do TrustPower charge a bond?

At the discretion of TrustPower, customers not meeting their credit criteria may be required to pay a bond.


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