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They supply power, that’s all they do!

But unlike other companies they specialise in looking after smaller towns like yours that often get charged more than they should. So they’re all about giving you the same power, for less! They’re first priority is getting you the best deal on your power. On top of that they’ll give you a further 15% discount if you pay your bill on time. What’s more, you’ll still get any Network Company discount or rebate just like you always have.

Tiny Mighty have a range of payment methods available and the added bonus of online access to your account.


How much will it cost to join Tiny Mighty Power ?

Tiny Mighty Power does not charge any joining or administration fees. (Bond may be applicable)

Can Tiny Mighty supply my gas as well as my power ?

Tiny Mighty Power only supply electricity; other forms of energy are not available.

an I pay my Tiny Mighty bill with cash or EFTPOS ?

Yes, you can make cash payments at any ASB branch using your deposit slip at the bottom of your bill. You must use your customer number as a reference when making cash payments. EFTPOS payments can be made. You can make payment by EFTPOS at any of the following offices of Tiny Mighty Power- Te Awamutu, Cambridge, Masterton, Blenheim and Rangiora.

I normally make a weekly automatic payment for my power, can I do this with Tiny Mighty ?

Yes, you can set up a regular fixed payment directly with your bank. Prompt payment discounts will be given provided the agreed monthly payment is made. Payments can be varied from time to time in agreement with Tiny Mighty to ensure you are not paying too much or too little for the power you use each month.

Do Tiny Mighty Power accept payment by credit card ?

Yes. You can provide your credit card number and consent for Tiny Mighty to deduct payment from your credit card on the due date of each invoice. This will ensure you never miss out on your prompt payment discount.

Will my meter get read every month ?

Tiny Mighty will read your meter every month for the first six months that you are a customer, in order to gain history of your average consumption. After the six month period you will have your meter read every other month, receiving an estimated account on the months in-between. You can opt to continue with monthly reads, however these reads will be charged at $1.50 each.

How long do I have to pay my Tiny Mighty Power bill after receiving it ?

Tiny Mighty Power requires full payment to be made within 14 days of the invoice date. The due date can be found on the invoice. Failure to make payment by the due date will result in the loss of your prompt payment discount and can trigger a process that may end with the disconnection of your energy. The dishonor of a payment arrangement such as direct debit or recurring credit card payments will result in a dishonor fee of $10.00

Will I be able to access my Tiny Mighty account online ?

Yes, you can register your account online and access it to change account details, enter meter reads, view your invoice and account history. You can even close your account online by entering a final meter read.


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