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Powershop is wholly owned by Meridian Energy - a NZ Government owned State Owned Enterprise and is headed by Ari Sargent, a well respected figure and innovator of the power industry with 20 years of experience, and a former executive of Meridian Energy. However, they are a standalone company, and operate independently with their own Board of Directors, including independent Chairman John Journée who is currently also Chief Executive of the Noel Leeming Group. Powershop has complete autonomy over who they do business with, they have our own wholesale energy trading operation and complete control over the products they sell and how they price their ‘Standard Power’ house brand products.

Customer Benefits

Powershop gives you online tools and resources to help you understand and monitor your power usage, helping you save power and money.

Powershop lets you choose how and when you pay for your power.

Powershop read your meter every month (in most areas) or you can enter your own meter reading online as often as you like so your account will always be accurate.

Powershop gives you the option to buy power yourself online or they can purchase on your behalf using the default settings you have provide.

Powershop put an end to estimate bills! With Powershop you can always know how much power you’re using and how much it costs. Powershop gives you transparency, showing you just how much electricity you’ve used and how much you’re likely to need over the coming weeks. In most cases they can read your meter every month or you can enter your own meter reading at any time so your account is always up to date and accurate! No more shocking estimates!

Your full billing history is always available to you online at any time and you can view, download and print them.


How does Powershop work?

Powershop offers their customers a range of power products, including some of New Zealand's best-priced power. You have the choice over the kind of power product you buy (i.e. the cheapest, the greenest, one associated with a charity).

Once you have switched to Powershop you will be set up as a "set and forget" customer - you don't have to do anything. They will purchase the power you need for your home each month using the default product preference you set (e.g. the cheapest product) and charge it to your preferred payment method. Alternatively you can do your own power shopping though their online shop where you can choose the kind power product you want to buy.

How is Powershop different from other power company's?

Powershop is the smarter way to buy power. Powershop is online, and they provide easy to understand information that allows customers to understand how much power they are using and to help them use it wisely. They also offer customers choice about the power products they buy and the flexibility of when and how they pay for it. Powershop offers you the choice over the kind of power product you buy (the cheapest, the greenest etc). You can pay for power in advance if you want to take advantage of cheap prices or help with budgeting, or you can pay monthly in arrears, just like most people do now.

Why does Powershop not have a daily fixed charge?

Powershop wants to make it easy for customers to choose the power products that suit their budget and lifestyle. They think daily fixed charges add confusion and so they incorporate this charge into the Unit Price. Having just per unit prices is much simpler as it allows you to easily understand what you are buying and make 'apples-for-apples' comparisons across different kinds of power offered in the online shop.

What is included in Powershop's Unit Price?

Everything required to supply power to your property. This includes the cost of the power, the lines charges, Electricity Commission levies, GST and other service costs such as meter lease and reading. Only additional services are not included in unit price such as special reads/site visits.

Do Powershop supply gas?

Not at the moment. To find out when they are able to supply you with gas you can subscribe to their updates and they'll keep you posted. You can still switch to Powershop for your electricity supply and keep your gas with your existing gas supplier for the time being.

Do Powershop give a prompt payment discount?

No, this is already factored in to their product prices.

Will I still get my annual rebate with Powershop?

Yes of course. If you're due a rebate from your lines company, they'll advise Powershop of the correct amount and, depending on their instructions, they'll apply this to your Powershop account or pay it to you.

Do Powershop have a Low User tariff?

Yes, if you use less than an average user - 8,000kWh (North Island) or 9,000kWh (South Island - South of Christchurch) per annum - and the property they are supplying is your primary residence (i.e. not a holiday home) then they will ensure your prices are no higher than an average user. To take advantage of this you must opt in. To update your account as a low user, login to your Powershop account, click "my settings" then "account preferences" click the tick box for "primary residence/low user pricing" and press Save Changes.

Can I get my bill sent to my postal address?

No Powershop doesn't send out paper bills. You can go online at anytime to view and print your account history. You will however receive a monthly statement letting you know how much power you've used over the month and how much they will debit your account or credit card.

Do I have to pay for my power in advance?

No, you don't have to buy your power in advance and you can treat Powershop just like you would any other power company. However if you do pay in advance through the online shop you could save more money by picking up special deals and purchasing in bulk.

Do Powershop charge a bond?

No, they don't require a bond, and the only time they'll charge you to join Powershop is when the property you're signing up doesn't have an electricity supply and requires them to organise reconnection or connection to the electricity network. Your old supplier may charge you for a final meter read in some circumstances - you'll need to check with them.


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