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Nova Energy


Privately Owned



Nova Energy is 100% New Zealand owned and operated. They are part of the Todd Energy Group, who has been one of New Zealand’s leading energy producer s for over 70 years.

Being privately owned and operated, their experienced team is committed to giving you excellence in customer service and providing you with a range of choices so you can make informed decisions about your energy needs.

Nova Energy's electricity comes from a diverse range of sources, many of which are renewable. They are using technology that harnesses the harmful landfill gas to create electricity. Nova Energy are currently promoting the use of Solar Water Heating. Customers of Nova can harness the free power of the sun to heat their household’s water.

Customer Benefits

Duel Energy Advantage- Electricity & Natural Gas

Nova Energy offers customers who use both natural gas and electricity its dual energy advantage. This means highly competitive dual energy pricing, one monthly meter read visit, one account, one payment to make and only one number to call to answer all your questions.

Duel Energy Advantage- Electricity & Solar

Take advantage of their amazing electricity and solar finance deal and a $500 - $1000 government grant. Buy a Nova Energy SolarElite and pay for it via your monthly energy bill. A large part of the purchase price will be offset by the energy savings you make from solar hot water heating. Small monthly payments with up to five years to pay, no deposit, no interest, no upfront fees and no finance companies*. (*Only available to Nova Energy residential customers)

The $500 - $1000 Residential Solar grant is available via the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (some conditions apply).

LPG Customers - Order LPG deliveries online!


How can I contact Nova Energy?

You can discuss your account on their toll free customer care line or alternatively, communication can be made via email. Nova also has a 24 hour emergency line available.

Do Nova Energy charge a bond?

Nova Energy uses a third party credit agency in order to perform a credit check. If they have any concerns about your ability to pay, they may ask you to:

Provide an acceptable credit reference from a previous energy supplier;

Pay a bond as security for payment of your account, either before or after connection. They may use your bond at any time to offset any debts you owe them. Any unused portion of your deposit will be refunded to you when your account is closed (unless they decide to refund it to you earlier or if you are transferring to another premises in which case they will apply your bond to that new account.


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