Moving House

energy switch

How do I use Switch Now Save to choose a power company for my new address?

If you’re moving to an almost identical home in the same area, with the same number of occupants and the same appliances, you can use the power bills from your existing provider to see who the best provider is likely to be at your next address.

If your house is a lot different regarding to size, heating and occupancy it might be worth your while waiting until your usage has stabilised and then use Switch Now Save again to make sure you’re on the best plan for your new home.

Who do I need to contact?

Whether you stay with your existing supplier or switch to another company for your new home, you must let the provider at your old address know that you’re moving and give an end-date for services at the property.

Whichever provider you choose for your new address, you’ll need to let them know the address and the date you want services to start. Switch Now Save can facilitate this for you.

It is of the upmost importance all parties know of your intentions as soon as possible. Having new services connected can take up to 3 weeks.

What if the power is disconnected at my new house?

Please note that your retailer may charge a reconnection fee payable on your first bill. Furthermore, if the site has been disconnected for over 6 months, you may be required to first have an electrical inspector certify the site as safe to receive power, this will be at your expense. Switch Now Save will advise you if the site is currently disconnected and will also advise your chosen retailer. They will contact you to arrange a reconnection. This can typically be completed within 3 days.

Final meter read.

Regardless of whether you switch to another provider or not, you’ll need to take a final meter reading at your old address and phone this in to the power company. If you can’t access the meter or don’t know how to read it, the power company can send someone to take a final reading, but you’ll have to pay a fee for this.