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Generation Capacity:


State Owned


2617 MW



Meridian Energy was created as a result of the reforms of the New Zealand electricity market and the split of the Electricity Corporation of New Zealand (ECNZ) and has been operation since April 1999.

Meridian Energy is a State Owned Enterprise and generate from renewable resources like wind and water. They can supply electricity nation-wide.

Meridian Energy’s vision is to be the global reference company in renewable energy.

Their strategy is communicated and delivered through four core strategic themes:

Sustainably improve our earnings:

Improving and sustaining the profitability of the business by optimising and coordinating their generation, wholesale and retail operations.

Deliver more renewable generation growth:

Having the best renewable generation portfolio in Australasia by securing renewable energy development options and building generation assets that create long-term value across the Meridian group

Invest wisely in innovation:

Being a leader in the commercialisation of new renewable energy technologies and solutions to create and capture future value. Lift their customer game: Delivering a profitable, differentiated offering to customers that transforms the way they think about, buy and consume electricity.


Can I spread my payments out over the year with Meridian Energy ?

Yes you can with Level Pay. Meridian Energy will use your consumption history to determine an average fixed payment amount. This can be chosen to be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly. For example you can opt for payment to be made on your pay day for easy budgeting. Your consumption will be monitored throughout the year, and with monthly statements you can reduce or increase your payments if necessary.

Can I pay by credit card over the phone ?

Yes you can make one off credit card payments; however these will incur a 3% administration fee. If you opt to set up a recurring credit card payment, where each month the total amount of your bill, less the prompt payment discount is debited from your credit card, no fees will be applied. Meridian Energy except payment from Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Can Meridian email my bills to me ?

Yes, Meridian Energy is an eco friendly company who encourages its customers to reduce their paper usage and opt to receive E-Bills instead. Help save the planet and save yourself $1.00 each month.

Will Meridian read my meter every month ?

Meridian aim to read your meter at least every other month. On the months in between readings an estimated account will be produced based on that meter’s consumption history. You can also enter your own reading to replace the estimate either online or over the phone.

What if my bill has been overestimated ? Will I have to pay it ?

Providing that your meter has been read in the last 90 days by the meter reader, you will be able to provide a reading yourself. This will result in a credit note being applied to your account to reimburse any over estimations.


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