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King Country Energy



Generation Capacity:

Privately Owned


Approx 60MW



King Country Energy has been the power behind this community for over 50 years. And, with over 19,000 customers, they are the leading electricity retailer and generator in the King Country Region.

KCE is a public company and their two largest shareholders are Todd Energy Ltd (35.4%) and King Country Electric Power Trust (20%). The remaining shares (44.6%) are held by around 7,775 smaller shareholders, many of whom reside in King Country area.

King Country Energy was incorporated in 1991, taking over electricity retailing from the King Country Electric Power Board.

They restructured in 1999 following the Electricity Industry Reform Act 1998. At that time, King Country Energy and Waitomo Energy Services combined their assets and then split into King Country Energy Ltd (which acquired the generation and retail businesses) and The Lines Company (which acquired the electricity distribution business). King Country Energy has its head office in Taumarunui.

King Country Energy is focused on the future. They want to ensure they continue to supply more and more of the electricity needs for the people in the King Country region. That's why they are investigating a number of new hydro opportunities. They have also broadened their investigations into small scale wind generation.

A 10 MW hydro development along the Mokau River is one of the generation options King Country Energy continue to explore, and they are currently in the consenting phase of this project.

Electricity generation is undertaken at four local sites - Kuratau, Mokauiti, Piriaka and Wairere power stations - and at the Mangahao power station, near Shannon, which King Country Energy owns in conjunction Todd Energy.

Customer Benefits

If you have two or more accounts with King Country Energy, you can group your accounts and receive a 20% discount off the fixed daily charges of all combined accounts paid by the due date. King Country Energy is based in the King Country region and is run by local people for the local people enabling them to provide a more personal service.


Do we have to get 2 invoices - one from KCE and one from The Lines Company?

Yes, with KCE you'll always receive two invoices relating to your electricity usage. The invoice from KCE is for the 'electricity retail' portion of your usage. While the invoice from The Lines Company is for your 'electricity supply.'

How much does it cost to join King Country Energy?

KCE does not charge any joining or administration fees. (A bond may be applicable) However if you do not provide them at least 48 hours notice of you intention to move house, a short notice fee may be charged.

How can I pay my King Country Energy account?

KCE have a range of payment options available -

In person - They have an office in Taumarunui

Direct debit from your bank account

Cheque by post

Internet or telephone banking

Automatic payment from your bank account

NZ Post shop in cash or by EFTPOS

Te Kuiti Betta Electrical

Will King Country Energy read my meter?

King Country Energy employ their own meter reading team and aim to read urban customer's meters monthly and rural meters every second month. If you receive an account based on an estimated reading you can read the meter yourself and contact King Country Energy to revise your.

Will King Country Energy give me a discount for paying on time?

Yes, KCE give a 10% discount if your bills are paid on or before the due date stated on the invoice.

Do King Country Energy charge a bond to sign up?

King Country Energy use a third party agency in order to perform a credit check. Residential customers may be required to pay a bond of $120 at the discretion of King Country Energy, dependent upon the result of your credit history.


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