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Just Energy is an independent electricity retailer. They are committed to offering retail energy supply from sustainable sources, as well as providing customers a fair deal and real value.

Just Energy has a customer base of 30,000 and takes pride in offering a full value service at their best possible local price.

They will read your meter monthly to ensure each bill is up-to-date and accurate.

By switching to Just Energy you will still receive your lines company dividend if you live in an area where this is provided.

Reasons to choose Just Energy:

Great Value!

We will provide you with a great deal and real value at competitive prices.

Price Guarantee

We guarantee to keep their prices as low as possible, for as long as possible.

Prompt Payment Discount

We offer a 15% Prompt Payment Discount if you sign on for 18 months and a 10% Prompt Payment Discount with no contract if you pay your bill on time, each month.

Kiwi Owned

Were a kiwi company, owned and managed and providing jobs to locals.

Monthly Meter Reads

We will read your meter monthly to ensure each bill is up-to-date and accurate.

Payment Options

We offer many different ways for you to pay your bill.

Community Focus

Because we are battling the big guys to get you a fair deal we want to support the kiwi battlers in your community. You can tell us who they are and what their story is by sending us a message to or giving us a call on 0508 587 836.

Lines Company Dividend

You will still receive your lines company dividend if you live in an area where this is provided.

Kiwi Call Centre

You can call us here in New Zealand - we like to keep it Kiwi.

Big Savings - not Big Ad Budgets

Just Energy's advertising is not elaborate. We minimise our advertising budgets so that the customer benefits. We would rather be competitive with our pricing than flashy in their advertising campaigns.


Who owns Just Energy?

Just Energy is a trading name of Pulse Utilities New Zealand Limited.

Where is their head office ?

Just Energy's head office is located at 201 Hobson Street, Auckland.

How often will my meters be read ?

Just Energy will read your meters monthly to ensure each bill is current and accurate. Please note that monthly meter reads for rural and business customers may not be possible. Just Energy will typically have a meter reader manually read the meter every second month. You may be asked to provide specific access details to assist the reader in gaining this read.

What if there is an outage ?

If you have someone in your household whose health would be put at risk due to age health or disability, Just Energy requires this information in order to add you to the Medical Dependency Register. Customers joining the register will need to provide a letter or other documentation verifying this dependency from a registered medical practitioner, within 30 days of being placed on the register. This documentation will need to include details of the equipment and its electrical needs.

Does Just Energy supply rural areas ?

Unfortunately Just Energy is not currently taking on rural customers.

Will I get a discount if I pay my bill on time each month ?

A prompt payment discount of 10% will be applied if the bill is paid in full on or before its due date.

Is Just Energy a Kiwi company ?

Yes, they are New Zealand owned and have all their customer care teams also based here also.

Why is Just Energy cheaper than my current retailer ?

Just Energy do not use elaborate advertising campaigns, hence why they are to pass bigger savings onto their customers.

Will Just Energy charge me a bond to sign up a power account ?

A bond of $100 will be applied to customers paying by direct debit, and $150 for non direct debit customers

How can I pay my bill if I don't want a direct debit ? I don't have internet access.

Just Energy has a number of payment methods available. For example, you can pay by cheque via post or cash at any Westpac branch.

I want to switch to Just Energy. How long does it take to change over to them ?

The switch should be processed within 10 business days but could take a maximum of 6 weeks. The actual date on which the switch occurs will be determined by Just Energy and you will be notified.

How can I contact Just Energy ?

Just Energy aim to ensure their call wait time is under 1 minute. You can also contact them via post or email and expect to have a response within 4 business days.

Will Just Energy let me know if there is going to be an outage ?

Planned outages may occur for general maintenance of the lines, and customers will be advised of this with no less than 4 days prior notice.

an Just Energy guarantee my power supply ?

Unexpected interruptions to your power supply can happen for various reasons, from internal wiring faults within the home to bad weather. Therefore Just Energy cannot guarantee an uninterrupted supply, however upon learning of an outage, Just Energy will aim to restore power as soon as is practical.


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