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Genesis Energy




Generation Capacity:


State Owned


1,996 MW



Genesis Energy is one of New Zealand’s State Owned Enterprises which prides itself on providing the country with a sustainable supply of renewable power.

Genesis Energy understands that the way in which it operates leaves an environmental footprint, whether it's the fuel they use at the power station, the emissions from staff travel or the impact on the natural habitats of native flora and fauna around our hydro schemes.

Genesis are constantly reviewing how they can do better for our environment and aiming to minimise their footprint through sustainably managing the use, development and protection of the natural resources which we impact on.

Genesis Energy are proud of their direct involvement of a number of community projects such as The Genesis Oncology Trust which is working to discover new and better ways to prevent, detect, diagnose and treat cancer.

Customer Benefits

As a Genesis Energy customer, you get more than great-value electricity, gas and LPG. They'll also offer you a choice of gas and electricity plans depending on your usage. Plus there's the added convenience of getting everything you need from the same company. You also have easy ways to keep track of your bills, get rewarded - and save money while you're saving energy.

Genesis Energy rewards their customers with a Brownie Points scheme. By paying your bills on time and using their preferred payment methods you can accumulate points each month. There are various other ways you can earn points and a variety of rewards your points can purchase!


What are the benefits of using Genesis to supply my power?

Electricity is a reliable and safe source of power. If lake levels drop, they have a back up of other energy sources. Genesis is constantly researching new methods of generating renewable energy.

Can I get an advanced Smart Meter if I join Genesis?

Due to the enormity of their customer base the installation of Advanced Meters will be scheduled by region. In order to ensure the efficiency of these installations, Genesis will not be processing any requests for Advanced Meters that are outside of the scheduled regions.

What are Brownie Points?

"Brownie Points" is a loyalty scheme provided by Genesis Energy. You can earn points from the amount of energy you use and by paying your bills on time. Receiving your bills via email and paying online is another way of accumulating points. These points can then be spent on rewards!

I would like to have a gas supply installed in my home. How can I organize this?

First you should check if gas is available on your street. If so, you will need to complete the Gas Enquiry Form and take this to your appliance retailer to apply for a gas connection. The gas network operators will the lay an underground service pipe from the gas main in the road to your home, without any disruption.

Will Genesis allow me to make payment in regular installments?

Genesis Energy has a number of different payment methods available. One of the options they offer is called EvenPay. Paying regular installments of the same amount helps keep you on top of your bills rather than paying a lump sum each month.

Will Genesis read my meter every month?

Genesis aim to read their meters every other month. This means that the months in between, you will receive an invoice based on an estimated amount of units used. Any over estimation will be reimbursed to your next bill based on an actual read.

What if I am not happy with the estimate produced every other month?

Providing an actual read has been done within the last six months, you can provide Genesis with a reading yourself and the bill can be reproduced accurately.

Where can I find my ICP number?

Your ICP is the Identity number of your meter. This can be found on the top right hand corner on page 2 of your Genesis Energy bill.

Can I cancel my direct debit if I need to?

Yes. To stop a payment being deducted from your bank account, you will need to advise Genesis Energy at least 48 hours prior to the payment being taken.

I am medically dependant on electricity, does this mean I will always have power?

While every effort is made to ensure a constant supply to your home, unplanned events such as storms can result in an interruption to your power. However, in the event of a Planned Outage, you will be given at least 4 days notice.

Do Genesis Energy charge a bond?

Genesis energy may ask you for a cash bond and/or a satisfactory credit check before you become a customer. If this is the case, they will tell you when you become their customer and will give you reasons for the decision. If a bond is required, it will be invoiced as early as possible after you are accepted as a customer. You must pay the bond within the timeframe specified on the invoice.

A bond may be requested at any time if you are unable to establish a satisfactory credit record or maintain a satisfactory payment record with Genesis Energy.

Any bond for electricity-only residential customers or for gas-only residential customers will not exceed $150. If you are supplied with both electricity and gas by Genesis Energy for your residential premises, your bond will not exceed $200.

Your bond will be repaid to you within one month of:

you maintaining a satisfactory payment record for at least 12 months; or terminating your supply of energy;

Your bond will be repaid to you, less any amounts you owe Genesis Energy, by:

crediting your power account;

sending you a cheque; or

paying you by direct credit to your nominated bank account.


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