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Generation Capacity:


Privately Owned


1949 MW



Contact is one of New Zealand's leading energy generators and retailers, supplying electricity, natural gas and LPG to approximately 600,000 customers nationwide. Their power stations generate around 25 per cent of New Zealand's electricity making them one of the country's largest wholesalers and retailers of natural gas; they have around 47 per cent of the LPG market in New Zealand.

Contact is one of the country's largest listed companies and one of New Zealand's most widely held stocks with around 81,000 shareholders. They employ over 1,000 people throughout New Zealand, making Contact an integral part of the national economy.

Contact has been in operation since 1996, when it acquired a portfolio of electricity generation and gas assets from the state owned electricity generator, ECNZ (Electricity Corporation of New Zealand). The Company was listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange in May 1999.

Customer Benefits

Receive Quarterly News Letter editions - keeping you up to date with energy news, special offers and promotions offering interesting articles.

Online Home Check-ups - Access to Contact Energy's online self service tool offering helpful advice and tips on saving energy and reducing costs.

Discounts for Dual Fuel customers - get your electricity and gas supplied together from Contact Energy and benefit from a discount of over $160 per year!

Fly Buys - Top up your Fly Buys each month just for paying for the energy you use!

Smooth Pay - Make budgeting easier by evening out your bills throughout the year.

Earn Air Points - Get to the departure gate faster by earning Air New Zealand Air Points!

online Account - View and update your power account online.


Will I be able to access my power account online?

With Contact Energy there are a number of things you can do yourself online. These include; -

  • Get an up-to-date summary of your accounts.
  • Update your account details.
  • Add or remove accounts.
  • Review your transaction history for the last 12 months.
  • View a graph of your energy usage month by month.
  • Link your Fly Buys number to your Contact Energy residential accounts.
  • Check when your next meter reading is scheduled.
  • Register for Online Billing.
  • Set up direct debits.

Can I get my bills by email?

Contact Energy offer the option of Online Billing for those customers who do not wish to receive paper bills in the post. You will receive an email to notify you when your bill has been produced. The invoice will be available online to view 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

What payment options will I have?

Contact Energy has a range of ways you can pay your bills. These include - SmoothPay, Direct Debit, telephone or online banking, by cheque or pay in person at any Post Shop outlet.

Will my meter get read every month?

Every two months, a meter reader will come to your house to read your meter. When you see 'based on actual read' on your bill it means they've used the actual read to calculate your energy consumption. Any meter reader who visits your home will have a card identifying them as a representative of Contact Energy.

Every alternate meter reading will be an estimate of your energy use. (You'll see the words 'based on estimate read' on your bill). The estimates are based on the amount of electricity you used in the past over a similar period of the year.

When you get an estimated bill, you might want to read the meter yourself to check the estimated reading against your actual meter reading. You can call and enter your own meter reading using the automatic telephone service. Contact Energy will then update their records and send you an amended bill.

Can Contact Energy supply my gas as well as my power?

Contact Energy does supply both piped and bottled gas certain regions throughout the North Island. Check the coverage list above to see if Gas is covered in your area.

Can contact Energy organise a new connection for newly built house?

Contact Energy can help you if you're building a new house. You, your builder or electrician might need a temporary or permanent electricity supply. I have a solar energy system installed on my property.

Will this power produced be taken into consideration on my bill?

Contact Energy are continually looking for efficient and sustainable ways to ensure we all have the secure energy supply we need. One way they do this is by supporting the efforts of customers who choose to generate their own electricity.

Some customers generating electricity at home choose a distributed or embedded facility. These facilities are connected to the local distribution system which helps to balance your demand for electricity with the available supply.

When you find you're generating more electricity than you require, Contact Energy can purchase any excess electricity produced. Alternatively, if you are producing less than what you need, they can top up your supply by selling you the extra energy required via the national grid.

Examples of small scale residential generation facilities include photovoltaic solar systems, small wind turbines and micro-hydro schemes, however the range of options is increasing as new technology is developed.

Will I get a prompt payment discount with Contact Energy?

Yes. Contact Energy offer a standard prompt payment discount of 10%. Customers who opt to receive their bills online and make payment either by direct debit or online/automatic payment will receive 22% prompt payment discount, this discount is not shown on the Switchme website.

Do Contact Energy charge a bond to sign up?

Contact Energy require new customers to meet certain credit criteria. A minimal bond of $150.00 for residential customers may be applied at the discretion of Contact Energy. The bond will be returned to the customer after a period of 12 months or upon termination of the electricity supply, assuming no unpaid balances remain on the account.


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