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Bay of Plenty Electricity



Generation Capacity:

Privately Owned


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The Bay of Plenty is the company’s home. They have been supplying energy there for over 30 years and have a proud history of meeting the needs of the region. As well as supplying energy, they also support the region through significant investment every year. As a major contributor to the local economy and sponsor of a wide range of community initiatives, Bay Of Plenty Energy are here for the long-term and have a vested interest in the wellbeing of the community.

Customer Benefits

Bay Of Plenty Energy is your local retailer.

Based in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, their team lives and works within this region, so when you contact them, you are speaking with a local person - just like you! Bay Of Plenty Energy’s experience and local knowledge provides a real advantage when it comes to offering the personal level of service and energy solutions that meet the specific needs of the region.

Bay Of Plenty Energy supplies both gas and electricity to meet the complete energy needs of residential, business and farming customers. Which means their customers enjoy the "dual fuel" advantage of just one meter reader visit, one account, one payment to make and only one number to call to answer all your questions?

Customers who consistently pay their account on time save the Bay of Plenty Energy team time and money. The REWARDS programme recognises this by passing on savings and additional benefits to members, including; The chance to win great prizes, Special offers and rewards AND a boosted prompt payment 40% discount off a pre-Christmas energy account.


How can I pay my Bill with Bay Of Plenty Energy?

With BOPE there is a number of methods to pay your bills -

Direct Debit Variable -This is a popular and hassle-free payment method. You still receive a monthly energy account and the full amount owing (less any applicable prompt payment discount) is automatically deducted from your bank account on the due date. If you wish to stop a payment all you need to do is call them at least 2 days prior to the payment coming out. If you are a new customer and choose to pay by variable direct debit you will not be required to pay a bond.

Direct Debit Fixed - An agreed amount can automatically be paid on a regular basis by either direct debit or automatic payment. Bay Of Plenty Energy will estimate the fixed amount needed to keep your account current and you will still receive a monthly energy account providing you with a regular update of your balance. Special conditions apply for those wishing to use this plan.

Advance Pay - By paying your estimated annual energy costs in advance, you don't need to worry about missing a monthly payment. You still receive your monthly account to keep track of your usage. Plus, you'll receive a 20% prompt payment discount each month instead of the standard 15%! At the end of the year if there is an overpayment we will take that into account in your next advance payment or any shortfall will need to be paid.

Monthly Cheque - Simply send your cheque together with your remittance advice to Bay of Plenty Energy in the freepost envelope provided with your account. Please allow four business days for Bay of Plenty Energy to receive and process your payment, so be sure to send it before the due date. (Please do not send cash in the mail.)

Telephone Banking/Online - Use telephone or internet banking to transfer payment in full to Bay of Plenty Energy by the due date each month. Simply call your bank and arrange for Bay of Plenty Energy to become a bill payee on your bank account. Note - you'll need to use your eight digit payment reference number from your account so your payment can be tracked.

Credit Card - By calling the customer care team you can setup your energy account to be automatically paid on the due date using your AMEX, Visa or MasterCard (you will still receive a monthly energy account). Alternatively one-off credit card payments can be made over the telephone or in person at the Bay of Plenty Energy office.

In Person at the Whakatane Office or Local Agencies - Bring your energy account and cheque payment into the Whakatane office (This office does not handle cash payments) or pay at any NZ Post Shop or Bay Betta Electrical store by eftpos, cheque or cash.

How can I contact Bay Of Plenty Energy?

For all enquiries you can contact BOPE by telephone, fax, email, or via the online contact form on the Bay Of Plenty Energy website.

Will Bay Of Plenty Energy keep me up to date with changes and news?

Yes. Bay Of Plenty issue a regular newsletter called Energy Matters, keeping customers up to date with special offers, rewards and upcoming changes.

Bond Required?

In some circumstances a bond will be required. This is at the discretion of Bay of Plenty Energy and amounts charged may vary. Residential customers who choose to pay by Direct Debit will not be required to pay a bond.


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